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Different Types Of IT Jobs

The field of Information Technology or simply known as IT is very deep and broad like many other industries that have been for long. Whether you believe it or not, IT job categories, specialties and titles abound are quite a lot to the point that those who are seeking for a career in IT will end up in confusion. Do you know the difference between network support analyst and network engineer, web technology specialist, web designer and web developer, what a database administrator does? While looking for IT jobs, these are only some job titles that you might come across.

Even though responsibilities and labels tend to vary from hi-tech employers, here are few of the common job titles as well as their description in the field of information technology.

Number 1. Database administrator – basically, database is the collection of information that the organization or company keeps on file be it addresses, customer names, emails, inventory and the likes. Database Administrator or simply as DBA is a type of IT job that’s responsible for maintaining, updating and organizing the database and creating systems which makes those who are authorized to add, remove or view information do it fast and easy.

Number 2. Internet solutions developer – this is actually a catch-call description for someone responsible for executing and devising internet based projects. The job normally involves working with various programs that allow public to interact and view with an organization, agency or company’s website.

Number 3. IT project program manager – now in this IT job, it is actually a managerial position that need some years of experience in the field of Information Technology. IT project program manager is the one supervising for solutions to IT related issues and challenges and then, implementing those solutions that’s often done with a team.

Number 4. Network administrator – network is a collection of computers linked either to a central server or to each other so by that, information can be shared, updated and created smoothly. The job of network administrator is more on ensuring that existing network smoothly runs and for removing or adding hardware like printers, computers etc. and software such as applications and programs form the system.

Number 5. Security and network specialist – in relation to this IT job, they’re they one accountable for making sure that those who are using a computer network are getting access to information they’re allowed to see. They make it a point that sensitive details and information in the database of the network is properly preserved and protected and that the network will never be accessed or hacked by unauthorized individuals, which makes this an integral IT job in a company.

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