Working for One of My Neighbors

I have known this old guy for as long as I have lived where my parents live now. He was always in real estate, but when I first knew him that was a sideline for him and he managed some sort of business back then. At any rate he has always had jobs for me. When I was about twelve years old he would drop me off at places he was renting out to do the yard work. I have learned a lot from him and I am thinking about how to become a certified property manager right now. Of course there is very little to the job after you learn how to do it, but the big trick is getting people to let you manage their places. Right now I am pretty much doing the job, because this guy is not exactly around here that much. He has a place down at the coast on Emerald Island and another one near Myrtle Beach, SC. If you have money and you are old enough to retire, then you do not need to do much else.

I was not really interested in this, but at some point it became obvious that this is sort of an easy way to make a living once you start to get enough money. Now you have to borrow money so that you can get property, then you need to get it rented out and keep it rented out. The big thing is the tough thing, which is getting a house at a cheap price and then knowing how to make it more valuable, either as a property to rent or one for sale. SInce I need to get started and I am already doing the same thing, the easier thing seems to find more clients to pay me to do what I am doing now.

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