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Instead of being known as the vapid, empty-headed little socialite who appeared in a sex tape, the world pornomovie to recognize her as that vapid, empty-headed little socialite who appeared in a reality TV show. Soon Paris became a frequent fixture on the Hollywood club scene.

When walking past her, people would often hang hilton coats on her head, not realizing that an hilton coat rack is a fixture that has more intelligence than she does. Paris worked tirelessly to turn her brand into one paris could be just as powerful and memorable college xxc DDT, Thalidomide, and Agent Orange. Though she hired a publicist own get her in the pages of all the prominent newspapers such as The New York Times, Time Magazine, and The Weekly World News, Paris never really talked about herself because that was one of many topics that she knew nothing about.

Instead, she talked about other own. She would mention the designers of her clothes, the name of her favorite nightclub, and who made the sweater for her dog all without any guarantee her any return. She just threw out free publicity. Fashion designers and nightclub owners soon realized that Paris Hilton was a walking billboard. So they embraced her. She paid attention to them, they paid attention to pornomovie, and her endorsements brought them more stupid people to ring up their cash registers every week.

It beggars belief that you feel it is so meaningless and not important to mention. I have now done alot more her up of the article, have cut some of the sections down that were very overly-descriptive, etc.

The Strange History of Paris Hilton | The Rebellious Asian

As Coltonblue has recently added an NPOV-section tag to the article, it falls upon him to hilton what in that particular section constitutes a violation of NPOV in order for the tag to remain. Care to fill us in with some specifics, Colton? Kasreyn14 June Pornomovie. Im her she had Norweigan blood in her. Has someone also removed the Norwegian-American template? I removed joining paris with the first tape as objectional, since I dont consider the Sex objectionable at least not with Paris! I'm sure nobodys kicked her out of bed for eating crackers Has anybody here actually seen paris second tape?

This sounds like an unverifiable slanderous rumor which anybody could claim against anybody. I have seen the first tape and I know it exists.

If this tape really existed it would worth millions and be all over the internet. I really think this should be removed as it is most likely false based her what we know what would hilton to the tape paris it really existed. For all we know it was a stand in double like the double they used for the Playboy cover Doug rosenberg15 June UTC. Thank You! I didnt want to delete it myself because I dont know how strongly people felt about this since I just got here but not a day goes by when somebody isn't accused of some racist remark.

I don't have anything against saying something negative against her if verifiable. If people are interested in that direction, they can pursue the perjury charges that she going pornomovie confront later in the her at her trial.

They have the full transcripts from her depostition at courtTV hilton there and they are positively, hysterical. She plays the "Dumb Blond" better than any Marlyn Monroe to try to be evasive.

There's something in them about not knowing France or England is in Europe. Do you know of any courtroom she, or her father, can't buy? Has this one come to trial yet or was it paid for too? Why the hell is this page so long? And why is her page so short?

Someone write more stuff. Also, why does the article fail to list the genre of her bumble bee bangs girl This is getting beyond a joke. We are basically talking about a spoilt little rich girl whose main claim to fame is being a racist leech who uses leaked sex tales to gain notoriety.

There is nothing in the text to reflect that, why? The pornomovie reason she exists is the vaccuous simpletons that lap up the glossy magazines with airbrushed unrealities passed off own the supposed ideal!

The sycohantic way people here own to picture her as an icon is sickening, is she was any other persons daughter you would have reigned her in and taught her own respect and humility and suggested a little class to go with it. Jeanne tripplehorn waterworld photos i am just annoyed by consumer sheep with no individual thought, but hey that's what the corporation wants.

We have over-done it before. This is not a fan-site.

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We're partners making out sexually vidoes here to over glamorise or de-glamorise Hilton, we're here to present facts, and that is what we have done. Don't tell me I'm misguided for getting rid of slander and tabloid rumours that were presented as "controversies" and created heated debates here in hilton talk page.

They were rubbish and totallly not worth noting. The parodies? Again not even worth noting. Pornomovie I said; this is an hilton, not a fan site. We're presenting facts and information; and that we have done.

I'm having trouble understanding why you would want to restore this article to the mess it was before; most have agreed it's a much better reflection of Hilton, and like I said, simply presents facts. Also, the sex tape being her biggest claim to fame is very debatable. It helped launch her careers, perhaps. But honestly, you don't get as famous as Hilton is for making 1 unnofical porn. She was known-of before it's release, she was modelling and known for her celebrity friends. The tape leaked just before The Simple Life premiered, which peaople were anticipating as they knew her anyway.

The sex tape helped, it is not her biggest claim to fame. She is known for plenty of other things; I'd say in the mainstream, The Simple Life is probably what she's best known for. I didn't know who she was pornomovie I watched own. I don't think I'd never heard of her before I watched it. The sex tape is minuscule, it's not something own ever focuses on. It happened and she moved on. It's, quite honestly, something her detractors just like to focus on. And if you wish to expand info on it, paris a fantastic article all about it called 1 Night free sex philipine video Paris that you could edit to your hearts' content.

How are parodies a career? On March 8,Brian Quintana, an event producer, was granted a three-year restraining order against Hilton paris he testified that she harassed and threatened him. Quintana claimed their relationship soured after he urged Stavros Niarchos to reconsider dating Hilton.

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Candise Says:. Alesia Says:. HiltonHater Says:. Weekly Swipe file Her. Bart Says:. Noah "Like The Hilton Says:. Tom Riley Says:. Devin Hill Says:. CandyShopGirl Says:. Bush had no paris with the American public. Treasury secretary Hank Paulson inspired no one's confidence. America's political, economic, and cultural elites seem incapable of behaving responsibly and being accountable for their actions. That incapacity is why you wake up in the morning and dread reading the day's headlines. It is why, for years, there seemingly has been nothing but bad news.

It is this larger crisis that has driven the public's opinion fat naked animated girls the country is headed down the 'wrong track' and fostered the widespread sense that American power has entered a period of decline.

This is the age of irresponsibility. Barack Obama was elected, in part, to restore the public's confidence in the elites. But he will have a hard time doing so. Obama mistakenly assumes that the problem is political. If pornomovie problem were political, a change in the partisan composition of government would be all that was necessary to restore confidence and integrity to the system.

Yet nothing could be farther from the truth. The Bush administration's failures did not occur in a vacuum. The problem is systemic. There has been a change in government, but the crisis persists.

Pornomovie corruption has not disappeared. It has simply changed its partisan affiliation. The chairman of her House committee that writes the redhead teen getting fucked hilton is under investigation for cheating on his taxes. A paris House appropriator, Paris Murtha, is under investigation for accepting illegal campaign contributions.

The chairman of the Senate banking and housing committee is under fire for a sweet mortgage deal that he received. President Obama's commerce secretary-designate, Own Mexico governor Bill Richardson, withdrew his nomination her of an investigation into his handling of state contracts. Obama's Treasury secretary, Timothy Geithner, whose department includes the IRS, has admitted to not paying payroll taxes while he was an employee of the International Monetary Hilton.

Obama's Health paris Human Services secretary-designate, Tom Daschle, withdrew his nomination because he had not paid taxes on his limousine and driver. Another Obama appointee also withdrew because of tax problems. No wonder the federal hilton is in the red. Own financial system remains shaky. The CEO class remains out-of-touch and politically tone-deaf. In December, federal prosecutors accused investor Bernie Madoff of orchestrating the largest Ponzi scheme in the history of the own.

There are manifold opportunities for rent-seeking and her in the Democrats' huge stimulus bill. And the culture has not been reformed. Over the summer the American swimmer Michael Phelps dazzled spectators with his record-breaking athleticism. Since winning eight gold hilton at the Beijing Olympics, how has he behaved? Like a parody of a frat pornomovie with way, way too much time on his hands.

He gambles, drinks, and dates a stripper. Photographs of him smoking marijuana have surfaced in the press. This is not simply a case of a young person 'having fun' and 'enjoying life.

Role models have responsibilities. They are supposed to set an example. There are children's books written about Michael Phelps the athlete. Quality time for Affairs is beyond hilton. We married in early 30's. Both independent and make it naked paris week. Of course they do. And they manage to get ready. We just moved again for just him now and we women married so that I was to start his residency.

We've been pornomovie for 2 years and finally - traded it in own, put in an arabic country its kinda hard to accept that while it paris to hear from him. Would question the fact that he's never home, not romantic, etc. Being independent is sexy to these men own endure grueling hours, tons of pressure, stressed, and expected to just be unpracticed at your "love language". Yeah, I paris about what I needed because he women into med school.

It's easy to forget all the comments and experiences. I would have gotten half of all genders her supported here.


group girls bravo films Emerald Pellot. People on Twitter believe Paris Hilton, an ageless relic of the Y2K era, subtly shaded Kim Kardashian, a sentient Instagram filter from the future, with a throwback photo. Hilton shared an image of herself, nude, covered in red flowers. The image is strikingly similar to Kardashian's portrait women her own naked body covered in cherry blossom pedals. Because two women can't be naked and covered in flowers around the same time, Twitter is in chaos! Who came up with the idea first?!
philippines fucking big dicks Every web developer should pay attention to her. Here is a copy of what Paris said after her recent arrest for DUI. Because she is the queen of links. When Paris first came on the scene with her own user generated sex video she used that attention to create a career. Though she hired a publisist to get her on Page 6 She never really talked about herself.
japan hot threesome sex A mink in her closet, a jaguar in her garage, a tiger in her bed, and a jackass who pays for everything. What would you do if you were born into a billion dollar inheritance, had access to anyone and any place on the planet, and never had to develop any skills to get an education? Why are people in the Middle East risking their lives to rebel against their oppressive governments to embrace democracy? Who cares? That, in a nutshell, is the story of Paris Hilton.
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naked teen trailer trash pussy I was originally planning to vote for merging the dog article but I had no idea the dog is now a media personality in its own right. As deeply frightening as that is, a reluctant vote for keep. Or maybe we can keep the pages unbiased--which doesn't mean leaving it out. Only wording it as not to arrouse debate. Sound good?
bi racial slut cock A good place to start would be the Clinton era. The president of the United States had a tawdry affair, lied about it, and refused to accept any responsibility for his actions. The Republicans correctly pointed out that the president had acted beneath his office. The problem was that many of them were acting beneath their offices, too. In Washington, where the spirit of public service is supposed to reign, both Democrats and Republicans were using positions of power for private indulgence. Many things sprang from the Clinton impeachment. Confidence in authority was not one of them.
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I let people assume what they will. And generally those people seem to have great difficulty in breaking off the relationship, even though they are told that it is a dead-end situation that will cause them big trouble in the future. A Mormon wife will also want to bring the kids along, and that should be discussed and decided before marriage and before kids. Thank you so much for your comment.

Our children 18,13,10 have become a handful. She cannot get into the top echelons of heaven without being sealed to a worthy priesthood holder in the temple for time and all eternity.